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    Chicago rapper Bump J. ARRESTED

    bump J is dope...but he fucked up. I was plannin' on goin to that show in the Dale too. that's fucked up.
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    Ace Mac...

    that doesn't surprise me. I'm speakin' on the CHICAGO/MIDWEST Ace Mac. It's unfortunate that not too many folks are up on this dude...soon enough though, he's too cold to not make some noise. hit me up if you wanna hear some more of his shit.
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    Ace Mac...
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    Ace Mac...

    Anybody know what's good w/ this cat? Better yet, anybody even heard of dude? I picked up a mixtape/ep of his almost 2 years ago now, shit blew me away. Reppin' Logan Sq., Chi-Town. I recommend e'rybody check him out if you haven't. Wonderin' if he's gonna sign w/ Terror Squad since he fucks w/...
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    Crucial Conflict

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    Crucial Conflict - Planet Crucon

    I've listened to about half of this album and I'm diggin it. Long overdue but tight nonetheless. Might've missed their chance to get the exposure they deserve cuz they hadn't released a group project in over 10 years, but it don't matter. These cats are legends in the game. Very solid record.
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    Midwest Myspace Pages...

    Tic Tock Dwight, IL King Delaron aka K.D. Murks Belleville, IL O.T. Chicago, IL Dotescoe aka Mighty Off Chicago, IL Mathien Chicago, IL
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    Chicago House of Blues Show - July 31st

    Who's going to this show? I've only seen Tech in Columbia at the Blue Note and at at Pop's in Sauget. I was wondering if anybody knew why the show is scheduled for 4:30 pm? I see a few more dates on the tour schedule that are early, but most of em are normal show times. Regardless, I'm lookin...
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    Exercise/Diet Programs...

    What's gettin down to the end of the semester here and closer to summer and I've been slackin hella hard lately, ain't worked out in months, smoke and drink regularly. But I'm tryin to get fit for the summer. I'm 6' - 210 pounds at this very moment, but I'm tryin to cut the fat and get...
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    New AK of Do or Die - We Gettin Money (PROMO)

    So this ain't gonna be a Legion Records affiliated record? He doin it on his own, hope it blows up. Got the Prince backin it, but Rap-A-Lot has been pretty shady on the whole promotin tip for a while, especially with their Chicago acts. Lookin forward to this regardless, the track's tight!
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    Crucial Conflict - Barnfire Video...

    Anybody got this? They got a weak version on youtube but anybody got a better version. I didn't even know they had a video for this shit...
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    Dustin Kensrue- Please Come Home

    I'm very excited for this album. Thrice is incredible, best band out in my opinion. Has been since TAITA. I've met them dudes a bunch of times, they're all cool as shit. I haven't heard anything off this album but there's no doubt in my mind that it's some amazing stuff. Dustin is a genius.
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    Rare CD's/Tapes Sealed...Classic Bay Shit, Old No Limit (Lil Ric, C.I.N, More...)

    I'm trying to get rid of these CD's and tapes, I've had 'em for too long. I prefer to go through PayPal but we can work something out if you ain't got it. I'm gonna leave this up til next Friday, at noon, and I'll send out PM's to whoever bids the highest. They'll be sent out the following...
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    Tech N9ne at The Blue Note in Columbia, MO on Nov. 10 - This Still Happening???

    I'm just trying to get confirmation that the Tech show in Columbia on Nov. 10th is still goin' down. I've already got a gang of mothafuckas that are planning on rollin with me to the Blue Note, a straight caravan from southern Ill to the MO. But on Tech's site and myspace they don't have it...
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    Easiest Foreign Language To Take...

    I've gotta take six credit hours worth of a foreign language before I can graduate and was wondering what everyone thought was the easiest to learn. I took 2 years of Spanish in High School but don't remember any of it. Help me out, thanks.