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    Greedy- I shootz this

    Working on uploading this album
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    Double O- I build machines

    Most of the album is up
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    Double O- I build machines

    Most of the album is up
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    Double O- I build machines

    Most of the album is up
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    Street Stories album

    Got this one uploaded
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    J-killa They Know im a Ridah

    Im currently uploading this album
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    Skee 64 - Half Man Half Amazing

    Im working on uploading this whole album, i have alot of it up. I'll also be uploading more old sac shit, focusing on stuff that isnt on there
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    Favorite Old School Midwest CD's?

    Cca is dope, outta Gary Indiana
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    My truck
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    New Mc Eiht

    Which way iz west Its on Apple music. Im diggin it
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    You aint from the hood if...

    Years ago there was a pretty funny thread like this... You aint from Highlands if... -Youve never seen the body wagon near Ernies -You didnt use to cop albums from the underground -You've ever been driving down Renick wondering why every god damn car on that street has a massive oil leak -You...
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    Young Bo- Lookin Death in the Face

    Can anyone confirm if this ever got pressed on cassette? The album art says CD and cassette, but I cannot find any evidence of the tape ever existing. Ive always only seem cd, as have the people ive asked thus far
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    Best produced Sac album

    As far as classic gfunk/mob/sinister production, what do you guys view as the top produced sac albums? I think most agree that sots had stellar production. What else stands out? Creative Differences- Top 5 album outta Sac imo Ghetto Blues- I feel like this album is slept on 4tray block &...
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    Retrieve old acct

    Is there anyway i can retrieve my old account. I was last active with it in Oct 2003. I have no clue what my email was back then. The account name was Tank Locc. Thanks