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    Jury Duty Bitches

    I just got released from jury duty. My case was a guy who originally studied law enforcement at UW, but went on to firebomb police vehicles at a facility, was on the run, and then came across a couple officers parked and shot one of them point blank in the dome, killing one and injuring the...
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    Best of luck to everyone in here with health issues. You guys with gout, get some organic cherry juice from Lakewood if you can find it at your local health food store, co-op, or whole foods. I had one third of my lung removed when I was 9. I had pneumonia and kept getting misdiagnosed by...
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    you ever look at your siccness profile & see the last 7 or whatever people to...

    Recent Visitors The last 10 visitor(s) to this page were: dalycity650 FatBlunts209 Mixerr mrrocnron OG fonk S.SAVAGE Shaniac Sicc Dawg siccmadesyko thizziks21 This page has had 379 visits I got @S.SAVAGE! Props breh. For being a lurker.
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    @reo you done goofed
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    Fucking Metal!!!

    PTPxSB SYTL 1.Sweet Leaf (Chopped & Slowed by Geng-Grizzly)06:43 2.A National Acrobat (Chopped & Slowed by Geng-Grizzly)07:07 3.Who Are You (Chopped & Slowed by Geng-Grizzly)03:54 4.Thrill Of It All (Chopped & Slowed by Geng-Grizzly)04:11 5.Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Chopped & Slowed by...
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    Fucking Metal!!!

    Ak0ZmAvAyB8 Some of the most intense music I've heard in a long time.
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    Robin Williams found dead

    LOL that is crazy. What a bunch of pussies we are becoming.
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    You guys ceep putting cartles on a pedal stool.
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    Fucking Metal!!!

    IMO Bunkur Ahab Burning Witch Moss first couple albums If you like Nortt, you will probably like Catacombs Old Corrupted Celestiial first album Until Death Overtakes Me Somewhat fit your description
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    Should Rap Lyrics Be Used As Evidence In Court?

    @LISICKI if you don't mind, how'd you beat your case?
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    AP-9 accuses Siccness members of "stealing pictures" and "doing fake shit"

    @whitedevil he already been a fish
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    Fucking Metal!!!

    look back in the thread there's quite a few funereal doom references. But I'll try to put some more up soon.
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    INSTAGRAM? - who's on it?

    @Mixerr Ima have to delete you because you spam too much shit!
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    Fucking Metal!!!

    n-mc7D6hs5U "Black Sabbeth" Cover by Gonga and Beth Gibbons from Portishead. This shit goes HARD!
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    2 men caught stealing dogs to sell for meat brutally beaten by mob in Guilin

    @mikemanson so people have dogs as pets and eat them as well there. Is eating dogs becoming more controversial over the years with PETA and all that? Have you ever had hot dog casserole? My two dogs are "rescues" from Taiwan - apparently eating dogs has been legal and then illegal off an on...