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    EBAY: Various Albums Lots

    thakovain | eBay More To Come Later
  2. Spooky 1987

    Selling Some Bay Area Albums

    Messy Marv/San Quinn San Quinn Messy Marv 8 CD Lot Bay Area 415 Yukmouth Mac Dre Jacka | eBay Yukmouth/Various Bay Area Hip Hop 16 CD Lot Yukmouth The Jacka RBL Posse E 40 Husalah | eBay Killa Tay Killa Tay - 4 CD LOT - Guce - Yukmouth - C-BO - Flood The Market - West Coast! Smigg...
  3. Spooky 1987

    Any Esham/NATAS Acid Rap Fans?

    Just posted up an 11 CD bundle on Ebay if anyone is interested. Esham Natas Mastamind 11 CD Lot SEALED Dead Flowerz Insane Clown Posse | eBay Esham - Dead Flowerz - **SEALED** Esham - Tongues Esham - KKKill The Fetus Esham - Closed Casket Esham - Judgement Day Vol. 1 Day Esham - Boomin' Words...
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    Anyone Know...?

    What Happened To Goretex? Ill Bill dropped like 2 albums. Necro like 2. Hyde 1 i think. All since Gore got dropped. Never hear anything about him. Where the fuck he at?
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    Necro - Die!

    Did anyone cop this? Is it worth checking out? I thought the last album Death Rap was awful. I havn't really listened to anything from Die besides the awesome Human Traffic King Video. Better or worse than Death Rap?
  6. Spooky 1987

    ICP On Nightline\ :eek: Most intelligent duo ever. Just one more reason I'm glad I quit listening to them. I'd say they shoulda talked to Necro, but he too would make stupid comments cuz he is so brutal. Mars shoulda been on there so he could drop...
  7. Spooky 1987

    Mitchy Slick: Lost In The YAY

    How's this project going?
  8. Spooky 1987

    Mr. Bones - Something Weird

    Various Mr. Bones Audio
  9. Spooky 1987

    Ay Tim What Happened?

    Ain't feelin' so "Violent" anymore? Someone beat you up at middle school and gave your feeble ass that reality check or what? :cheeky:
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    New Years?

    World has gone mad. 4 Police Killed In Oakland. Gang Rape In Richmond. 4 Police Killed In Washington. Fort Hood Military Base Shooting. A Shooting Rampage Every Other Week It Seems. Christmas Plot To Blow Up The Plane. 8 Military Personnel Killed At Camp Chapman via Suicide Bomber. Today or...
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    Fuck Christmas

    It's 10:42 PM at the moment in Japan so this bullshit almost over. Drank a few Chu Hi's in the Honch. Anyways fuck Christmas and fuck you, fags. :cheeky:
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    Reverend Fang Gory?

    NGzObzaUiI8&hl Wtf?
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    Bracy Boys? Wtf??

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    I'm listening to Soul Assassins: Intermissions. It got a lotta ill shit on it including the PCP track "Rep Yo Shit" and the LCN "Do It" track. Did the PCP project that Necro, Jacken, and Muggs were all working on get dropped? I ain't heard nothing about it in a minute.