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    That Vintage Mob!

    Thank you. I appreciate that a great deal.
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    New Jacka Album!!!

    Sad to hear.. It really is.
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    That Vintage Mob!

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    Kalifornia 2K19 Hard Copies

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    The Mob Hour vol. 4

    The mob hour vol. 4 is now available at all digital music outlets worldwide.
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    C-DUBB - The Final Hour (Various Artists)

    Now available on all digital music sites! 2018 Money Goonz Muzik/MobbMuzik
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    #MobbMuzik by C-DUBB Available now on all digital music sites! 2018 Money Goonz Muzik/MobbMuzik
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    Changing Lanes

    The new single "Changing Lanes" by SpenDoe is now available on all digital music sites. Please check it out, leave some feedback.. - Respect
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    SpenDoe - Livin Life Fast Official Release

    OG Version mix 2018 Produced by Liam Judah
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    SpenDoe x Krazy 504 Boy - Dreamz

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    INSTAGRAM? - who's on it?

    @SpenDoe_music Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    RIP Kaoz The Assassin

    Yeserday was a very sad day. We lost a good dude. Kaoz The Assassin, who many know from the central valley's underground music scene has passed away. Originally from Oakland, he had been in the Merced area for many many years. He left us with his classic debut: The Assassination vol.1 (Killa...
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    Unreleased South Bay Music: M.I.A - Da Mental Institution Association (Chinas Cabinet

    We recorded all of our early material at China's Cabinet in South San Jose from 1999-2002. Here's some joints that were never released. I am working to get them on iTunes soon. While these tracks are old to us, they are new the world. So much went into the music back then. I'm not too sure...
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    Been On The Grind

    Been On The Grind (2016) Another unreleased throwback reworked by C-Dubb for 2016.
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    SpenDoe & Rappin'4-Tay - Spread Da Luv

    SpenDoe & Rappin'4-Tay - Spread Da Luv Produced by: KAZ Coming Soon.. If you haven't checked "Bay Area Gone Mad". give it a listen.