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  1. Sharky da Ghost

    i had to call out first degree d.e. facebook post

    It was blatantly posted with "I hate eminem" to create reposts. Talking about white/suburb rap to promote his artists he got out of Tacoma. I say there a reason I have physical copies of every d.e. album from plant zero to big black bat, f.u. & f.u.2 and none after that. He's just trying to...
  2. Sharky da Ghost

    Screw Mondays on

    just in case you didn't know plays screw tapes front to back on mondays from 9am-9pm central time. Optimo Radio
  3. Sharky da Ghost

    Tech n9ne & Brotha Lynch going on Tour

    Don't know if it's been formally announced yet but I'm on the e-mail list for a club in DC that owns another club in Baltimore. Anyways Tech & Lynch and the other strange music guys are hitting up Balimore on a 50 city tour. I've been waiting a long time to see Lynch live.
  4. Sharky da Ghost

    Check this Skateboard Deck(Not the Mac Dre)

    I found this online on one of the streetwear blogs I check, they're the new Enjoi decks. Peep the last one. Ruthless By Law.
  5. Sharky da Ghost

    Phonk Beta - The Light Album

    Anybody got any info on this. I just saw that shit on P.B.'s myspace page.
  6. Sharky da Ghost

    Listen to my Halloween radio show tonight

    @ It's a crazy show basically a bunch of lynch, raided, with some necro and other shit thrown in. Monday 10-12 eastern 7-9 west coast i guess.
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    Lynch - Dinner & a Movie 6-6-06

    What's up siccness. Haven't heard much hype about this shit. Is it gonna drop then????
  8. Sharky da Ghost

    Picked up some L.A. / Bay vinyl

    we had a college radio conference this weekend(MacRock) picked up some shit for next to nothing($8 total) Above the Law - Uncle Sam's Curse LP 1994 Ruthless Records(excellent cond.) Ant Banks - Big Thangs LP 1997(sealed) Westside Connection - Bow Down LP 1996(sealed) Dru Down ft. Luniz - Rigg...
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    Did New Season drop today?

    What up Cali heads?
  10. Sharky da Ghost

    my internet radio show right now

  11. Sharky da Ghost

    Radio show now

    listen to that shit. I'm trying to go global
  12. Sharky da Ghost

    Internet radio show tonight

    In about 20 minutes 10-12 est listen @ RIP DJ Screw
  13. Sharky da Ghost

    My radio show tonight

    listen online @ the direct feed is tonight and every wednesday alternating with my brother from 10-12 eastern. It's some gangsta shit, tonight is my halloween show.
  14. Sharky da Ghost

    Listen to my radio wednesday night

    form 10-12 eastern. It's my halloween show so expect much siccmade shit and sicc shit in general. listen online at or me and my brother alternate weeks on the JMU radio station so his shit is definately more underground east coast oriented...
  15. Sharky da Ghost

    Tight live show in S.F. Oct 1st

    I saw the show in D.C. it's tight. Definately worth the money if you dig music San Francisco Z-Trip Fans!! You are in luck! dj Z-Trip will be hosting one of the biggest parties of the year with an extended set!!! Z-Trip will be performing with Black Sheep and GoldenChyld at Mezzanine in San...