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    unpopular opinions

    global warming is deliberately being administered by governments and scientists to create a barrier in the atmosphere to protect the planet from annihilation when the poles shift and the we are bombarded by solar radiation.
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    We're back FINALLY!

    I was starting to think you were moving over one post at a time. :cool:
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    It's Kokane Not Lemonhead

    Has anyone heard this yet? This album is really dope. The title track is a tribute to Mixmaster Spade. Production on this one is a step up from his last album (which I thought was dope as well). It's a great west coast summer album.
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    LE$ Official thread

    This is considered his debut? He has so much music out already. It was cool but I prefer his mix tapes, the Steak and Shrimp ones go...
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    Sir Jinx Presents Deadly Threat and The LA Zu Animal Channel

    Does anyone have this? I cant find it anywhere on the web, didnt even know it was out there until yesterday...
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    Kam Mutual Respect

    This dropped on May 5th, I havent heard the album at all besides Wouldnt Be LA. Anyone have this? I couldnt even find it on itunes... 3dabYAQX8Iw
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    The Curren$y and Jet Life Thread

    Cool video. Curren$y would be the coolest cat to kick it with. Dude is hella laid back and down to earth...
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    I dont Listen to drake at all but this dude is with The Shit lol

    youre an English bloke talking about Houston street shit like you were there. Stick to Liverpool and Manchester and your words may carry weight.
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    What was the #1 song the day you were born?

    Im older than you @S.SAVAGE lol u9_gV4fV5r8
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    Black white Mexi or Jew?

    I forgot about that! @HERESY can you post the video again?
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    Big Krit Official Thread

  12. Ry

    New T-Pain Stoicville

    This isnt what you think it is, so dope!!!! KaIwNbN4AVA
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    Captain Murphy - Duality

    I'm listening to it right now, its crazy so far! Like a hip hop Bitches Brew...
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    New Quik Song: Dat N****z Crazy

    This is dope! There is only this live performance so far, cant wait to hear the studio version. XySeYb8TI2Q
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    Le$ and Cookin Soul - Ace

    Le$ - ACE Hosted by Cookin Soul // Free Mixtape @ This just came out on July 3, its really dope. He is affiliated with Curren$y's Jet Life crew and the entire project is produced by Cookin Soul. Production is solid!