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    B.O.M. Taylor Made question

    How many releases were there of this cd ? Thanks folks
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    Underground Rebellion Auction and others ending tonight

    *rayvo* in Music > CDs| eBay
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    Clever Endeavor - Back 'N Tha Daze Auction

    Clever Endeavor Back 'N Tha Daze Super RARE Tape Only Gfunk | eBay
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    Lil Fly , Swiss, No the piper tape Auction

    rayvo117 | eBay
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    Mc twist Comin' Thru Like Warriors (1989)

    Anyone need this on cd?
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    Doja Clik - Speed Kills Auction

    Free shipping!
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    Ebay Auctions, OZ, Tha Dangla, Mac Vo Down SOuth Hustlers

    Doja Clik and more...
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    Ebay 1 cent tape Auction...Lil Gangsta P, Next 2 kin, Deuce Below

    And many more check it out
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    Need info on these TAPES?? Savage C Bong Load

    I called you guys out because your from the MATEO. Have you ever heard of this tape 2 Deep/ Alive ? I think they may be from San mateo because it gives a shout out to Mateo Crew, and the area code says 415. (before 650). Playa D is from chicago, that's pretty much all I know Anyone...
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    Ebay auctions - Game Related, San Quinn Don't cross me, Potna Deuce

    A bunch other shieet I am tryin to get rid of....
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    Tape List

    Any Offers ? Brotha lynch Sicx - nigga deep sac Glp what we known fo OG single cover frisco Young Jay - welcome 2 tha game oakland D cal - Gangsta Life (black rhino) stockton Erase E - Strictly 4 the g'z Next 2 kin - ghetto poetry dee mack - doin it my way Tesz - Tales from the strip...
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    X Raided Psycho active OG

    I know there has been alot of posts about this, but when I did a search all the pics were expired. Anyway is this the "true" OG
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    For Sale

    What up folks trying to unload some shiet. I put a price on some of the cds they I am looking to get thats shipped in the us. add 4 more dollars for the shipping for intl. The others make me an offer and let's work somethin out. I am motivated hit me up on email if my messages are full...
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    young mack t I didn't know this shit came out on cd? That's rare but damn aint that a hefty price
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    J.e.t., Kidd X, duce duce auctions