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    SOCOM 2 for PSP

    Who's picking this one up?
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    Since theres so many people on here taking pictures lately one of you mods should set up a siccness photo contest...Break it down in like 3 catagories, landscape, person(s), and product.
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    Istock Photo

    Who on here is a contributor? If you are post up your name so I can add you to my creative network. -Adam
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    PSP file converter

    I use CLONE DVD and ANY DVD through these guys and havent had a single problem...But they now have a program called CLONE DVD MOBILE and it allows you to convert files on your computer into PSP files...Heres the link to the d/l and heres a...
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    SOCOM for PSP

    Who here has it and plays it online? My name if UPHEAVAL for you SOCOMers.
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    Mixed Emotions

    Saw that Aidsfactory dude doing up that abstract/layers designing and thought I'd do something up didnt really do too much the background image and the subject were seperate images the rest just stock textures and all that good stuff. Havent done this type of stuff since I first started fucking...
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    NEW CD

    DUDE!! post up a bigger image of the new album cover. Looks sick!!!
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    What up MSB

    Hey Boozhound how you been? whats new on the MSB home front?
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    New Photos

    Heres some photos I took of a friend a couple days ago to build up my portfolio. Some might not think they are "Gangster" enough but from a photog point of view is what kind of feedback Im looking for. Camera: Nikon D70 Photographer: Adam Michael Website: Thanks in...
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    Golden State Records :: Logo

    Haven't posted for a minute so here is something new. They wanted a "seal" type so thats what was done up.
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    ::Tre8 - The Enemy::

    Orakle Records Presents: Tre8 The Enemy - Kapital City Takeover Photography, layout and design by:
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    Feedback please.

    Sup guys I know this isnt the "Studio" forum but that forum doesnt get as many hits as this, and me being from the NW I figured I'd post this up since it is music related. Here it is, I've had my Triton for a while now and am finally comfortable releasing my material. I cooked this up a couple...
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    Never tried it but I'll listen to it. Photography:
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    New photos brought to you by Upheaval Design.

    He came up to Spokane to take some shots for my upcoming album. This guy is a incredible photographer and a all around cool guy. I'm just posting these two for right now...
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    Kanetown Creations...

    Haven't posted anything for a min. So I decided to toss something up, got bored and this is what I came up with. Nothing too special. I really wish I wouldnt of added texture but hey, it's not being used for anything so its all good. Artist: Q-Sick Photography: Adam @ Kanetown Creations