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    LOL. Flithy already released a solo cd.
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    Lil Bruce - My Thizz Face

    Is this shit slappin or what? 1. Intro 2. Mr. Thizz Face (Ft. Trill Rel) 3. Im'A Tycoon (Ft. Bavgate, Pooh Sauce And Dubee) 4. Stewey (Ft. Dubee) 5. Speakin Thizzlamic (Ft. Mac Mall) 6. Fly As I (Ft. Ys, Double-K And Trill...
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    Adult Swim shouts out J Dilla

    Hahaha thats dope.
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    wassup to all my diego fam out there. Whats poppin for this Friday the 13th weekend. Holla
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    KC heads....whats up with Filthy Fattz? No disrespect but this is one of the only dudes Im checkin for outta KC.
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    Who Is Khayree I would be interested in watching this. Anyone know more info about the Mac, Michael Robinson. I feel obligated to check out the Game is Thick vol. 1. Just to let yall know, he was before my time.