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    This is heat.. Great work.
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    Messy Marv in Reno

    Looking at his IG and Twitter things didn't go so well. Stupid phone won't let me upload screenshots. Maybe someone else can
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    G-Idez albums

    So I was going thru old music and I started to listen to some of the old G-Idez albums. Man they had some serious tracks on em. I don't really know how I over looked them for all these years. I listened to Lyrical Angel Dust for the first time in years and overall its a really solid album...
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    Questions about a Pretty Black song..

    On Niggaz is bitches who is yukmouth talkin about? Gonzoe?
  5. names

    A-Wax / Smigg Dirtee Posse Up

    I have been looking for the version in the video on You Tube. Does anyone know what album its on? I have the Posse Up 2008 with Fab but I'm looking for the other version. Thanks.
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    Sacramento Hyphy Remix

    Does anyone know what album the sacramento hyphy remix was on? I know it was old but the CD I had it on has ended up missing. Anyone help me out an point me in the right direction?