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    Wiz Khalifa new album produced mostly by DJ.Fresh (out now)

    There's an interview where Cardo said the bay area is a big influence on his beats especially Mac Dre.
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    Philthy Rich disses Messy Marv and Mozzy.

    Lavish Rich? Mozzy Marv?
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    Messy Marv signed to Mozzy?

    Bully's wit Fullys 5?
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    Post questions for X-Raided Here

    Will he remake any of his older songs especially Check Your Bitch with new vocals and equipment?
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    Post questions for Mozzy!

    What are his most memorable fan stories? What new projects does he have coming out? What producers does he want to work with next?
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    @reece loc, what's your Jordan collection looking like?
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    Devilz Rejectz 3 out august 10th

    @AMPICHINO, do you have any upcoming albums with other bay artists?
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    Wanksta from the Bay aka I'm from the Bay, White boy tho

    Y'all ever heard of Wanksta that makes YouTube videos? White boy from the Bay that makes prank videos about selling trees, listening to Bay music, looking like a Bay Area slim shady. Dude's a fool.
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    mac mall & AP9 in SJ 2night @ Backbar!

    @VERSACERO, will you be there big bruh?
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    Jacka the Great

    Share your stories about The Jacka. The first time you heard him, funny stories, cool stories, if you met him, where you were when you heard the bad news. Your favorite verse or song of his. Let's keep the negative shit/previous beef/rumors/theories out of this thread and celebrate his memory...
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    RIP Jacka shirts?

    Ask @AP9
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    Ap-9's New Shit

    New classics
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    Ap-9's New Shit

    @cheeto, do you still troll swamp donkeys on POF and FB?