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    new album from tech n9ne!!

    the tecca ninna will blast arenas, the grass is greaner!
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    Strange Chat Room

    ok heres a thought, follow me on this one...someone create a chat room, with a link in a vital thread, that people(so called noobs, juggalos and m-80 members) can chat away all they want, the strange board already has at least 10 people at all times, why not stuff them in a chatroom, and let...
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    damn these kids and who find the idiots that will buy online
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    Celcius bundle

    hey im looking for someone who has a load of celcius cds for sale cheaper than buy em one by one, they gotta be sealed too, let me know if you got em or know where i can get some
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    street team

    are there street teams for strange music? if so how could i be a part of it in order to help promote everready, please give me some info on who to contact and what to do
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    psycho bitches

    i wonna hear some stories..some experiences, ways to spot one? ways to avoid one? ways to get rid of one w.o having to put a restrainig order on them, worst case scenarios? ladies too, if youve ever been obsessed over a guy, let us know some of the shit youve done, if tech could put his 2 cents...