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  1. mdnfunkk

    Looking for Tape-Only Releases

    Don't know if there are still any Tape-fanatics here...!? But I'm looking for the following tape-releases: 211 - Thats how we livin GNTL Mafia - Will i see tomorrow DNOD - Da niggaz of darkness 1-2 Uh G - Oldschool Gs Smoov Dolla - What the phuck we here fo Sir Johnny - Players 4...
  2. mdnfunkk

    Rare sealed Tape-Only Releases at Ebay

    I've got a few Tape-Only releases at ebay runnin': againzevrythin | eBay
  3. mdnfunkk

    Lookin' for some Albums: Cds & Tapes

    Here's a small list of Albums/Ep's i'm lookin' for to buy... Cds: T.O.P & The Webster St. Click - Dedicated to da game 5.0 Hustlas - Can't hold a hustla Young Hoods - Just like dat Ghetto Souljahz - Graveyard Shift Tapes: Lil G - 80 Proof Da Darksyde - Gangsta Shit 3 N's...
  4. mdnfunkk

    J One Hillz of Darkne$$

    the real 2013 deal? everything about those presses/releases is surrounded with lies/dream-stories for years... and if somebody paid jacob bellamy and made business with him, he would also hide the truth, thats the way it is... if someone shows real/authentic pics/scans: thats would be "the...
  5. mdnfunkk

    Few Ebay-auctions...

    A few Tape-auctions at Ebay: ojayz10 | eBay Sometimes the Ebay-searchfunction did strange things, so here are individual links:
  6. mdnfunkk

    Lookin for a few Mid 90s Tapes...

    Here's a short list of tapes i'm lookin for: 1-2 Uh G - Old School Gs Lil G - 80 Proof Mac Fleet - Right on Time Criminally Sane - N 2 Deep Triple Trey - 333 M.V.P - In Tha Projects Hit me up with a Pm for serious offers, thanks
  7. mdnfunkk

    Lookin Fo Tapes

    Lookin fo tapes i got overbid or auctions i missed over the last months. These ain t no super high prized, so please don t come with overprized offers, Thanks ICM - Str8 off the streets of Cleveland Criminally Sane - N2Deep Cool D - The Unexpected Street Thugz - Tales from the hood...
  8. mdnfunkk

    90s Rap Video-Rips

    Any Video-collectors here? Lookin for some Og Video-rips of : (n not one of those internet/youtube-crap) Gank Move - Real Playas and Ogs Big Mello - Wegonefunkwichamin 5th Ward Boyz - Ghetto Funk Delinquents - Alleyway Black Dynasty - Deep East Oakland Young...
  9. mdnfunkk

    Ebay : Cds + Tapes '92 - '97

    Tapes and cds at Ebay:
  10. mdnfunkk

    Ebay Auctions: Cds n Tape-Only Releases - 211,Black Dynasty,One On One,Dead Weight..

    Yo, i have a few ebay auctions runnin: Cds n Tape-Only Releases