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    Well, some studies suggest that the media can have a negative influence, but even these don’t account for other social factors that might not be readily observed.
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    Is this a joke? Dude. It’s 2021, and that word is archaic and offensive. Get a dictionary and find another word.
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    Hey baby

    "Hey, baby. What's under the flag?" Always gets me for some reason.
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    King ISO - Hypocrite

    This song hits different, king iso this is one of your best!
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    What are you listening to? (any genre)

    It's one of the best songs was ever written!
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    What do you mean by fed? I am not affiliated with any political party.
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    What are you listening to? (any genre)

    Heal the World - Michael Jackson There's a place in your heart And I know that it is love And this place it was brighter than tomorrow And if you really try You'll find there's no need to cry In this place you'll feel there's no hurt or sorrow There are ways to get there If you care enough for...
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    Since December 2019, the outbreak of the coronavirus disease has been spreading rapidly from China to other parts of the world leading to acute infectious pneumonia. The pandemic has disproportionately affected the health of communities of color. Non-Hispanic Black adults (48%) and Hispanic or...
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    The Green Knight Trailer

    Looks like Moses to me.
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    Crazy Fist trailer

    Is he famous? cuz I only know Ong-bak and IP man
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    Halloween Kills - Official Trailer

    Dang :keep-it-100:
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    Rainbow Six Extraction: Extended Gameplay Deep Dive

    Cool graphics & gameplay as always. Waiting for the final one
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    I do complain about this always. Good thing they added more features.
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    UNDERCOVER PUNCH & GUN (2021) Trailer

    Dang, this is so dope.
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    A Swordsman in the Wind

    Full-length video? Awesome!