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    SHANG-CHI Official Trailer

    They always show their martial arts so nothing wrong with it. That's just who they're.
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    The Official "THIS IS HOW I EAT" Thread...

    Yesterday I really wanted tacos. Today, I’m eating tacos. :p
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    Favorite music app?

    I see and I understand that every individual has his own preferences. Thank you. :)
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    CIA report: Israel will fall in 20 years

    The world is really messy
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    Epstein Pedo Ring Will Not be Exposed (Hit Out on Him Already)

    Abuse is everywhere... Bill can't fool us
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    Yes it is!
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    Favorite music app?

    There are so many music apps out there so what are you guys using when you're looking for music to listen to? Spotify is too overrated but I still consider it. I would like to know, maybe I'll try it if it's good.
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    DELIVER US FROM EVIL Official Trailer (2021)

    It looks lit, I hope I won't be disappointed with this one.
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    Merkules and Bone Thugs new song Homicide! sounds like Mo murda east 99

    He's not that bad to be hated tho.
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    A Warning to those thinking about accessing the shadow web! scary true story ha h aha ha haaaaa

    Google knows it. Just get some reference, it won't harm you.
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    Tech N9ne & Havoc - Prod. Alchemist *Unreleased* 2020

    Sick! Guess I'm a fan at this little...
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    Joey Cool - Protect Thine Energy | Official Music Video

    Ye the rap is sick with unstoppable rhymes. Not bad :cig: