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  1. Gabe505

    refresher tutorial on mirc

    Damn, I remember being on that shit 24/7 back in the day.
  2. Gabe505

    Zaggs New Myspace Pics! (SEMI NUDE)

  3. Gabe505


    If you are going off your artwork for promo you're fucked!
  4. Gabe505


    No link or song or video?
  5. Gabe505


    Shit move it to the 9-1-Sicc..
  6. Gabe505

    E-40 – Niner Gang

    At least the song matches the title... I have a bunch Niner friends that will embrace this song.
  7. Gabe505

    Freedom Town: Aesthetic and Recreational Lawn Alternative
  8. Gabe505

    New B12 interview

    Make sure to ask about his past! He still work with Jay Tee?
  9. Gabe505

    New B12 interview

    Been a minute since I've heard anything about Brandon. :cig:
  10. Gabe505

    Several killed in shooting at Texas Walmart

    Shame, they so busy stopping everyone going out the door for their receipt, not noicing a guy with an assault rifle..:sleep::sick:
  11. Gabe505

    DT — WxllxrStrxxt Stupid

    I feelin this one, sounds good in the system!
  12. Gabe505

    Philthy Rich "Hood Rich"

    @StillHustlin you trying to troll the last few people who post or you got some real life information. Dunno whats up here..