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    EvilDooinz Peeps help me out

    Got randomly banned from the Madesicc board. Can anyone tell OJ or RIp or someone to unban me? Account : Eradikate. Much thanx fam
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    Various Tech Songs

    I been bumpin tech a lot and im starting to fiend for some more tech n9ne to add to my collection ever since i went to his show last year. So I was wondering if anyone could hook it up with some tech songs that arent on his albums. i was lookin at the Discography thread and the tech lyrics...
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    94 west

    aye just seen this video by ecay uno and cuzzin ice i think. and i was wonderin if anyone could up just the song. shit is knockin.
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    Daygo Mixtapes

    ahite i been peepin this board for a while now and usually never post. but i was wonderin wut are some of the new mixtapes that cameout or are comin out. I seen one a while back that i was interested in coppin but i cant remember which one it was. i dont know if its out. it had a grip of...
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    Good PRog To make beats

    wuts some good programs? i write shit but now i wanna start making beats. Anyone know any good programs i can use?
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    Celly cell

    Dont even know if i spelled his name rite. anyways i was wondering wut cd's he's made. I know he's from the bay so thats my reason for posting on here. also does he have a site or anything?
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    Yo Playboy7 or anyone hwo uses evildooinz

    wuts up with the site/forum? will it be back up???????? just reply if u know.