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    A-Wax- Dinner Plate Video

    This songs growing on me.
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    a-wax how you got me

    When’s pulling more stringz coming out? That must be 5-6 songs he’s put out already. Unapologetic was the best single so far I think. He needs to shoot a video for it.
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    The Jacka - Murda Weapon [Album.Stream]

    Got my hard copy now. Dope artwork. The album really sounds like something The Jacka would have put together I think if he was still here. It is posthumous album done well. It’s not even close to The Jack Artist but I think it could go against Tear Gas. Need to see how it ages, but great album!
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    Slaughterhouse - The Hip Hop Saviours

    Anyone on here has heard this and can tell me if these are real Slaughterhouse songs? Can’t find it anywhere to listen online. Slaughterhouse - Motown Slaughterhouse - The Beat Goes On Slaughterhouse - A Big Deal Slaughterhouse - D.o.a Slaughterhouse - Gettin Money Slaughterhouse Feat...
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    A-Wax feat. Akon - Natural Born Hustla

    Whose song was it originally? There’s a version with Cyssero floating around and then there’s also a sped up mix with same vocals from Akon but another random rapper.
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    A-Wax - Unapologetic

    Great song.
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    Jon Connor?

    His album’s dope. The song with Termanology, AFRO and them is classic hip-hop
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    A-Wax Junior High to the Pen Vol. 1-2 CDs

    It’s a ok song to me I guess. It just don’t fit with the rest of the album that’s more made of soulful, laidback beats
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    A-Wax Junior High to the Pen Vol. 1-2 CDs

    I always thought the song with The Game felt out of place on Thug Deluxe, the rest is top notch, one of, if not my my favorite album of his even
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    High Powered Entertainment

    I think Seattle, but could be wrong. I’d have to check the Thug Lordz Trilogy bonus DVD, they say it in there.
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    A-Wax Junior High to the Pen Vol. 1-2 CDs

    Good lookin out. Keep me posted.
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    High Powered Entertainment

    They put out a ton of albums in a short time span that’s true, the production from J. Silva is a bit hit or miss for me but there were some great cuts here and there. Shame the Jayo Felony album never came out. I think they’re still active as a studio and mixing/mastering business and he had...
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    A-Wax Junior High to the Pen Vol. 1-2 CDs

    thanks do they usually mention it if it’s CD-R? Maybe @disoBAYiishNeSS has them and can confirm
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    A-Wax Junior High to the Pen Vol. 1-2 CDs

    Yep. Are they CD-Rs?
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    A-Wax Junior High to the Pen Vol. 1-2 CDs

    Anyone on here got these on CD (not the DJ Warrior mixtape) and can check if they’re CD-R or factory pressed?