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  1. Dead Blue

    Brotha Lynch Hung - Fatal EP

    What's every one think of this joint?
  2. Dead Blue

    New Music

    Who made the beat? I think you need to find yourself before you post your music publicly. Your hook is cool but your delivery needs a lot of work. Also and this will be a huge improvement, a verse needs to be longer than 4 bars. Taking some serious time to work on your tempo will also help...
  3. Dead Blue

    A-Wax - Tiger Woods

    its an okay song. bumpable but deff not a-wax's best
  4. Dead Blue

    Explosive Mode Tape Bonus Track?

    I always heard that there was a bonus track on the tape version but I never came across the tape in the wild. Well today I came across this photo giving proof to the rumor. Does any one have a rip of this song? Be A Believa'
  5. Dead Blue

    Brotha Lynch Hung - Slam

    so who is he talking about, first degree?
  6. Dead Blue

    👽👽👽 dru down feat uso - war

    sounds tight
  7. Dead Blue

    B-Legit- The Hemp Museum

    The singles for Hemp Museum are hard AF but the album itself lacks the same energy. It's good, but I feel like it didn't live up to it's full potential. B-Legit is dope AF as a whole.
  8. Dead Blue

    Snubbz x Uzzy Snubbz

    was hoping for a physical release, but still going to cop this one.
  9. Dead Blue

    Sacramento Rap.

    what u looking for?
  10. Dead Blue

    Anybody cop that V8

    hella weak ;/
  11. Dead Blue

    Anybody cop that V8

    some singer lynch has signed to madesicc muzicc
  12. Dead Blue

    Anybody cop that V8

    He just dropped his shit yesterday, I don't like homies vocals, he ain't no D-Dubb for damn sure. But curious if the Raided & Lynch joints on it are sick?
  13. Dead Blue

    Snubbz x Uzzy Snubbz

    This song is alright but Snubbz style as a whole is ill as fuck. Hope he drop a new album soon.
  14. Dead Blue


    I think Loki is dope as hell but his style ain't for every one.
  15. Dead Blue

    Brotha Lynch Hung - Ripgut : The Vault

    This one is pretty weak compared to the last 1 Ithica is the only song im feeling