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  1. Dead Blue

    Reminiscing on the Siccmade Muzicc years.

    I never got into rap like i did during the Siccmade era. I remember people were hella into No Limit & Jay-Z & Outkast during that time. I was just in my own zone with the siccmade shit and couldn't be happier. A lot of my homies didn't even bump it but knew the words to the songs cause I played...
  2. Dead Blue

    Rydah J Klyde - My Presence Is A Present [Album Stream]

    This shit is fire all the way through.
  3. Dead Blue

    Chuuwee - Nimrod EP

    you dont have a mp3 link by chance do u?
  4. Dead Blue

    June - Black Smoke Album Stream

    June always has heat. Been bumping Every Corner for a minute now.
  5. Dead Blue

    Hellz Angel Lil Sicx

    Album is solid all the way through. The Resicxes of old Siccmade tracks are my favorites. I feel like you would sound even better on some darker sounding beats. I agree with whoever said Smigg came hella hard on your album. Looking forward to picking up a hard copy. Looking forward to what...
  6. Dead Blue

    Brotha Lynch Hung - Sicc Sense (Official Music Video)

    Vid was okay, kinda hard to see Lynch the way he is now. I don't know whose giving him advise on visuals but they need to step it the fuck up.
  7. Dead Blue

    New single Big Dee feat. San Quinn, Footz The Beast & Playa P " Goonz" prod.HT

    song was okay but it was dope to hear a few new bars from Playa P
  8. Dead Blue

    Lil Sicx & Mozzy - Sac Life

    Dope, Lil Sicx's album is probably my most anticipated rap cd at this point. Fiending for that old school siccmade sound.
  9. Dead Blue

    Mozzy x Busta Rhymes x Joe Moses x Casanova - They Want My Blood Remix

    mozzy's verse was cool in fact pretty much all the spits were cool but the production was wack as fuck and the hook is annoying. i think the songs wack but I blame DJ Kayslay not any artist spitting.
  10. Dead Blue

    A-Wax - Sympathize

  11. Dead Blue

    Philthy vs. Mozzy official now.

    wack. Kafani always been garbage
  12. Dead Blue

    Mozzy - Shine'n 4 Diamond

  13. Dead Blue

    Messy Marv - They Speaking On My Name (Official Video)

    No matter how far Mess has fell off, I still got some love for him. All I want is to see him overcome his demons and get back to success.