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    Haters gonna hate but this is dope song man
  2. datplaya

    The Next Biggest Bay Area Gangsta Movie/Documentary about the realest dude to ever hit the streets! More gangsta than jesus or 2pac

    No matter what y’all say he still got that video with mc eiht though. Furreals tho
  3. datplaya

    rip the legendary shock g

  4. datplaya

    Guce out of prison

    I just read a few sections. In the trial they wanted to have guce admit he was a gangsta rapper but he was like “nah i produce hip hop & r&b and used to sing gospel in church when i was young” lol
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    He’s still dope to me I was bumping that california dreaming album yesterday and if it wasnt for three or four weak songs I would consider it a classic album
  6. datplaya

    Da Misses 2016.... time flies
  7. datplaya

    Da Misses

    Lol i was looking for the thread i was thinking about but cant find it. Maybe im tripping Thats kind of funny cbo sister was trying to rap but everybody thought she was da misses
  8. datplaya

    Da Misses

    That xorcist album is classic. Personally i wasnt feeling da misses delivery too much. The lyrics was cool tho. Did someone ghostwrite her raps? I think there was a thread on this forum a year back or so to promote new da misses songs. Havent heard anything about it since
  9. datplaya

    Uzzy Marcus' brother live-streams aftermath of double homicide

    Nah officer it wasnt me, colonel mustard did it in the study with a candlestick
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    White people

  11. datplaya

    Spice-1 over 40, Dre, and Short.

    Speaking of 2-pac: my favorite 2-pac bay Area collabo is jealous got me strapped with spice 1
  12. datplaya

    Explosive Mode Tape Bonus Track?

    There’s 18 tracks listed on the tape? Thats like fillmoes best kept secret right there
  13. datplaya

    Spice-1 over 40, Dre, and Short.

    Old spice 1 is classic. Dont know about him being better then E-40 though. Old spice (1) and old 40 should have done an album together in the 90s. That would have been dope as fuck with the right production all for the sake of an argument obviously
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    RBL Posse's Hitman - Solo Creep

    Mack a hoe