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  1. datniguhtwo

    epic meal time any1 else watch these wack vids on youtube.?

    breakfast lasagna crazy shit candy pizza my two favourite vids theres lots more though.
  2. datniguhtwo

    TRAE The Truth Official Thread

    is there a tracklisting yet?
  3. datniguhtwo

    plasma screen t.v.'s

    lookn at a 42 inch sony plasma screen used lookn 4 info on how long they last an quality etc an if its worth buyn used
  4. datniguhtwo

    lookn 4 rap bass tabs......

    currently lookn 4 violent by tupac also 24deep by brotha lynch,any otha coo bass tabs like these wud b pimp
  5. datniguhtwo

    diablo 2

    any1 remember this shit? ya me2 im not really interested in playing but i need a cdkey 4 a friend and im willn 2 trade cds etc if u interested pm me an ask
  6. datniguhtwo


    shit im here cuz im wondan' wutsup wit the crook by book by album? shit i bin anticipatn' this album 4 so long prolly gone b disappointd cuz of wut i c wit wut juicy j an dj paul bin doin this yr. but anyhoo any info on lord inf wud b cooo as well. datniguhtwo keepn it ttreal biaatch
  7. datniguhtwo

    ya babEEEEE im 19!

    fucc ya!!!!! i can finally legally get in2 clubs an shit down here in canada! YEEEEeE just got back from the jungle! just had 2 let ppl know super hypheeee biatch!
  8. datniguhtwo

    reek tha greek

    any1 know wot album this song is from just heard it the otha day, and im lovin it. smoov e come tight in that song
  9. datniguhtwo

    phonk beta

    any1 hav that tracc pistol in tha bacc? if so plz post bang bang wit my b.c. bigbug :)