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  • i wanna punch you in the face yo im finna fight you. where u live at ill do it. come see me in canada yo ill stab you.
    What's this bullshit I'm reading in threads that you won't sign contracts and staying true to your hood. Don't waste my fucking time unless you are willing to sign a contract. I'm not talking millions, but tens to hundreds of thousands. Straight up if your going to waste my time with this shit after I'm talking to my associates I will make sure ole Goldtoes Sanchez can't book you a show any fucking where.
    Be expecting a call in the next week or so I have to talk with my associates in Santa Monica first.
    Do you real want Old Julio Goldtoes taking your cut? He don't got your interests at heart.
    Yo breh, I work with interscope Canada if you want I can get you a record deal with my associates in United Americas.
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