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    :siccness:Congrats on gettin you own section:siccness: long over due PIE-RX def has a future in this game i jus hope you help & keep the east co co name alive as well!
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    Weekend Of Live Music For The "Celebration Of Life" Event {ALOT of ARTISTS}

    Later this month an event by the Justice For Murdered Children (JFMC) will take place in California. The group that was founded in 1996 by LaWanda Hawkins when her only child, Reggie was murdered, support victims and seek to educate the youth about violence and the effects it can have on...
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    Whats up wit Da Unda Dogg's Release Dates

    i know these all got pushed back, but is there any solid release date for any of these titles? shit, been really waitin for these....seems like they need to really promote these heavy b4 they drop...if you on here cooli, let us know the deal
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    New or Old?

    jus came up on a song called "Mobsta, Mobsta" its yuk & the whole regime (& yes techs on it) i was jus wonder'n if this is new or am i tardy on this track? songs coo, but tha chorus is lame in my opinion
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    Drunk Shit

    i was thinkn wit all the OGs still here breathin n makin hits.... we need a bay cd called " they cant break us"" shit souds sooo right but would need to be done right talkin ogs from the 90-late 90's....cus lryics back then spoke somthin moe drunk talk..but shit sounds right "god...
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    Husalah & B-Luv - The Tonka Boyz (Tracklisting) ORDERS FOR THIS ALBUM WILL START SHIPPING THIS FRIDAY TO ENSURE YOU RECEIVE YOUR CD(s) BY THE OFFICIAL STREET RELEASE DATE OF TUESDAY JULY 22nd. Husalah & B-Luv - The Tonka Boyz CD 2008 Nollier & Collier Logistics 17 Tracks Featuring: The Jacka, Yukmouth, Dubee, PSD & Hollywood...
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    Cant Hate on Hammer (BAY LUV) (PEEP SHIT!!)

    MC Hammer - Unconditional Love (written by 2pac) MC Hammer - Player Hater Of The Week MC HAMMER - 09 - Town By The Bay MC Hammer - Can U Feel It...
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    Simple PS3 Question {Poll}

    i have my ps3 vertical....seems like its best on keepin it cool i sometimes think it might wear out the motor that spins the disc....jus thought from when i had my ps2's....went thru a few of those what you do, thoughts? whatever
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    woodie,big tone,xo creep-read between the lines

    anyone know if this is the real title to the track? & wha album is this off folks? thanks
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    {Official} Whos on MGS online?

    i jus got my running & assault rifles up to lvl 2 ( shits addicting) jus wish there was a couple more maps & im a level 4...9 1/2 hrs & i like how you can only make a clan if you got 20hrs+..get rid of alot of b/s clans shits dope in my mind...if any you folks feel tha same and are on...send...
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    anyone know who this is? bring em out

    downloaded this days/years ago anyone know who did this, i know it aint pro...but shit coo
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    Random Poll!

    Rock The Vote
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    What It Takes To Get Banned From {The Siccness}

    LOL, i see a good thread in the makin what have you seen folks get banned for....whata tha craziest shit youve seen muthafuccas do to push tha limits of tha sicc MODS/ADMINS (& ive seen many good times) post links/stories.......shit might get good, bring back so memories:cool:
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    opinions SF/SAC

    wha you folks think about a smigg dirtee & equipto track/cd i think the got that same laid bacc good shit you can roll to
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    What Do You Look For In A Album?

    Title Says It ALL