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  1. brixton bomber

    My baby brother died tonight

    Condolences to you and your fam @DANADane. Didn't know him other than here but he seemed like one of the cooler brehs on here. Condolences to you and your fam also @L.D.S.
  2. brixton bomber

    "Because I'm insane ! I like to stab people"! juggalo documentary

    Probably got promoted to garden center manager at Wal-Mart. Pruning the shit out of rose bushes as we speak.
  3. brixton bomber

    "Because I'm insane ! I like to stab people"! juggalo documentary

    Jugaloos are corny as fuck. @C-LIM
  4. brixton bomber


    HAHA! how many times you been banned for this fuck shit? Go back to slurpin Real 1 or his dads Tay Capones semen youngin. Tell your mom to lock her liquor cabinet, shits embarrassing CUZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. #RWBS
  5. brixton bomber

    A-Wax and LAMB Getting Punked

    Can you back up everything you say? I mean really....can you? You about to look real stupid....Tay cant save you about to look real stupid.
  6. brixton bomber


    this shit is turrible....just turrible. Took me 5 minutes just to figure out how to reply. I blame @Mixerr for this!
  7. brixton bomber

    Your go to brew

    just copped this from Grocery Outlet, 8% Scottish ale it's got a nice flavor to it. I've been on the Stone IPA lately too...
  8. brixton bomber


    Good lookin Shea #RNS
  9. brixton bomber

    you ever look at your siccness profile & see the last 7 or whatever people to...

    Damn, i thought 763 people actually thought i was cool enough for them to check out my profile :( Sometimes my fat fingers click on peoples profiles, other times i just feel like being plain nosey, then theres times when i get straight weird visitor messages from peolle i dont know or ever had...
  10. brixton bomber

    unpopular opinions

    Imagine if @Gemini lived in China
  11. brixton bomber

    Adrian Peterson's son, 2 year old, dies; Mom's boyfriend charged with abuse

    if these photos are real, im no genius but i'd say this warrants child abuse of a 4 year old. You don't have to be a parent to know doing that to a 4 year old is wrong, it's just common sense...
  12. brixton bomber

    Remember, remember, the 11th of September..

    to be honest breh i do not remember the name of it. I believe it was on Nat Geo, ill find it for you though. It tripped me out the amount of recorded footage they had, i have seen damn near every "special" they air on 9/11 but they showed a lot more first hand video footage than i've never seen...
  13. brixton bomber

    Ray Rice KOs wife video

    @Mixerr can we get a review of the sucker punch
  14. brixton bomber

    DB Tha General Thread

    Thats the realest shit ive seen posted on here in a long time....nothin more, nothin less!
  15. brixton bomber

    The Golden State Warriors & Ugly Nigga "Thank You"

    what do you do for a living breh? ive always seen you spammin the shit out of Siccness but have never once actually paid attention to what it is you are posting. Are you one of those swap meet dudes that sells "Hi Hater" t-shirts tryin to make a buck?? it seems like you have been at this for...