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  1. bobo925thug14

    Fat Steve & Big Oso Loc - Around our way

    Does nayone know anything about this album did it ever drop or did it slip through? I have a pic of it ill post it up soon, but anyone anything about this? Maybe Big Oso?
  2. bobo925thug14

    Barack Obama will be president

    This years presidential election will be a first in History it was either going to be Obama first "Black" President or Hillary Clinton first female president. What do yall think will come as a result of Obama being elected into office?
  3. bobo925thug14

    Anticipated:Ace of Spits:The hand I was dealt

    Any thoughts on this album from STL. Been waitin on this album for a min!
  4. bobo925thug14

    Deep Sleep Releases

    What do you guys think of these albums, I have not bought any yet but the one they got on their myspace are slaps. Input?
  5. bobo925thug14

    Babality!!! LMAO
  6. bobo925thug14

    Sac Town Radio ALL N.CALI ARTISTS

    Saw this in the BART Forum thought I would bring it here. If there is a probnlem jus delete it muh niggah Troll iight? ATTN: ALL NORTHER CALI RAPPERS SEND US YOUR TRACKS...WE ARE GOING TO START DOING A SICCNESS HOUR WHERE WE PLAY NOTHING BUT TRACKS FROM OUR SICCNESS FAM. SO YOU WANT THAT...
  7. bobo925thug14

    How do u get to threads from baccck in tha day?

    Wanna access really old threads but dunno how or can u even do that?
  8. bobo925thug14

    Who do yall feel outta these 4?

    I kno this aint about ECCR but who yall like outta these 4 rap artists?
  9. bobo925thug14

    Sausage & Bacon

    There you go boyz let off that steam lmao
  10. bobo925thug14

    ATTN:Artists-Realplayer downloads your Myspace songs

    If you have downloaded the new version of Realplayer than every muzik page you go onto the realplayer logo pops up and asks if you want to download the song even if the artist chooses not to let them be downloaded. I thought it was only able to play on realplayer but I played around with the...
  11. bobo925thug14

    The Bizzness Vol. 1 Comin out

    October 23rd I think, what do yall think this album will be like? I think the bizzness volumes are gonna be like tha ne comps. I am anticipating a hard azz album, got it pre ordered on rapbay already, what do yall think about the bizzness?
  12. bobo925thug14

    If anyone i interested in the original Demonz ¬N¬ my Sleep....

    There are a few cats sellin it on amazon, i used the U.K. site here is the link
  13. bobo925thug14

    Do yall think it would be ok if....

    I made muzik pages for highyellablack and a few other of tha ECCR homies?
  14. bobo925thug14

    Wax & A-Wax on Myspace

    Which one is real homiez? They both look pretty much tha same, in a way, does Wax have two pages check my top friends or here are the two "SO CALLED" A~Wax urls 1...