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    New Kausion album - Youth-Anasia out on 02/04

    Hell yeah, I gotta hear that
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    Big Mister

    Heard Benny Blanco got ran out by his own hood, at least when a diss song by Bird from Feldspar was on YouTube, but got taken down n Bird made another 1 dissing him saying that Benny had YouTube take it down n I think that 1 also got took down. I like some videos he shoots and I feel it ain't my...
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    Request: G.U.N Generation Under Nation 1990

    Maybe so, but he could just have the pix
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    Brainwash Stockton

    Anyone bought from the site? Brainwash has in the past known to be a shady character. Maybe due to being locked up were reasons some ppl never got what they paid him for, but I would want to be sure he's gone legit.
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    5.0 bay raps auctions

    Was that Young Dre D - Livin In the Heights CD release official? Can't blame 5.0 if he don't know if it is or not, but I found it funny how many CD's he listed as OG and at least a couple weren't OG. I'm not 1 to jump on somebody for that, but I find it funny for a vet collector who acts like...
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    Brainwash Stockton

    What is his site?
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    A-Wax and East Side Duke -East Bay Cracc

    Is this a joke?
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    Request: G.U.N Generation Under Nation 1990

    I'm down to give my converting device to whoever got this tape, but for some reason ppl with this tape never convert it. I wonder if Jorge even has it anymore, because I know he sold some of his collection.
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    Harsh Times: Its not Training Day but....

    Funny, because I introduced this movie to my friend recently n he said he liked it more than Training Day!
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    5.0 bay raps auctions

    He''s back at it again, with surprises as always. Never even knew bout some of these. Like I didn't know there was more than 1 press of Smoke? I'm going to check my copy now, cuzz I might got the OG.
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    Promo Tapes

    I might sell 415-Wrangler Tuff.
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    R.I.P K-Rock

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    Who did it better?

    Great post n I like Dre-D's Sucka Free, but also I like a song from another old skool Sac rapper named Tear Drop n the song was "Wanna be Free".
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    Don't know who this was meant for, but maybe someone with a similar name?

    Don't know who this was meant for, but maybe someone with a similar name?
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    4 those who luv Pizza Hut sauce....

    Is sauce made out of powder n tap water really all that? Has anybody worked there, and are all their sauces like this? After I found out their main pizza sauce was made this way, I haven't ate the hut ever since.