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  1. BlessDaWizeguy

    any reviews on Z-RO - Street Legends ?

    It's listed under Z-RO & Agonylife........but the album cover has Lil'Keke, RO, Big Pokey. Is it a group album with all new tracs? 1. True Boy 2. Since the 90s 3. H-Town Bosses 4. Big Money 5. Paper Route 6. Never 7. Known 4 Stackin Paper 8. Yesterday 9. The Hood 10. [email protected] Smoke...
  2. BlessDaWizeguy

    TRAE 2010

    a huge Trae fan, I didn't even know about these here..... "Can't Ban the Truth" "Traebute" "Reasonable Drought" "Incredible Truth 1.5" shit, he was busy. Are these joints albums or mixtape shit?........are they worth coppin'?
  3. BlessDaWizeguy

    Rydah J. Klyde

    is this Rydah J. Klyde album already out of print?.........dropped 03/2009 can't seem to find it anywhere in the stores or on the internet and did this ever actually drop in stores?.......or is it still "comin' soon"
  4. BlessDaWizeguy

    wassup witta new FED-X solo album?

    manne, I luv that there plans for a new solo album?????
  5. BlessDaWizeguy

    Anyone cop that new REEK DADDY??

    "cuddy bang"????
  6. BlessDaWizeguy

    where can I find these M.I.C albums?

    MEGALON - "A Penny for Your Thoughts" RODAN - "Theophany: Book of Elevations"
  7. BlessDaWizeguy

    what'cha think of AOTP's Apathy??

    "Wanna Snuggle?" this shit is real fuc'n tight manne....... <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  8. BlessDaWizeguy

    stevie joe....THE LEAK

    anyone cop this? this a mixtape or real album?
  9. BlessDaWizeguy

    New Rich The Factor releases... help with

    I wanna hear this:
  10. BlessDaWizeguy

    can anybody review "Street Ballin': Tha 1st Quarter"

    01. Major Thizzness 02. Street Ballin' Feat. Boy Big 03. Hi Performance 04. I'm In The Game Feat. Boy Big 05. VIP 06. Listen 2 Me Baby Feat. Boy Big 07. Go Hard Feat. Duna 08. Certified Street Baller 09. Keesha Cole Feat. Boy Big 10. I Will Not Stop Feat. Boy Big 11. PO Box Feat. Playboy Shane...
  11. BlessDaWizeguy

    what's new in 2010?

    what from the South is fa'sho droppin' this year that might be dope???? OG's and even newbies............. Z-RO - "Heroin" new Trae? the final chapter of the Pimp C??? a new Koopsta Knicca album? somethin'?????? drop it here...............
  12. BlessDaWizeguy

    for Rich The Factor fans.....Q 'bout "Business Man"

    thanx for the low-down folkx........ that OG album cover is dope.........actually that animated one pretty tight too. So is it near impossible to get that OG cd wit Rush' album for a decent price? Or one of the re-released cds? so is this his second album after "Gettin' A Grip"? Cuz I have...
  13. BlessDaWizeguy

    for Rich The Factor fans.....Q 'bout "Business Man"

    was there an album cover and traclist for this album? And what year did it drop? Or was it jus a underground tape? I jus got a chance to hear some of this album from a homie, and manne.....I need to get this shit! Shit is dope, and I assume it's OOP??? Or re-released at some point? thanks in...
  14. BlessDaWizeguy

    Another REEK DADDY album comin' Feb

    album title sav'd-out.......
  15. BlessDaWizeguy

    Cop the official Relvis Presley??

    Disc 1: CD 1. Work Ethic 2. Back In The Day 3. Im That Nigga 4. Successful Airforces 5. Best I Ever Had 6. Im Good 7. Hail Mary 8. Real Shit 9. Fuck What U Heard 10. One More Time 11. Mr. Ro 12. Big Poppa 13. Haters Say 14. Mixed Flow 15. You Like (Ft. Big Mista, Play Boi) 16. Gotta Get Paid...