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  1. BAsK510

    Choze - The Epitome...IMPRESSED

    Just came back from picking up a copy...i need to soak it a lot more before i really know whats up but right now its looking like some classic material imo...Choze is on another level when it comes to them lyrics, and he got a unique flow/delivery...back to back slaps touching different...
  2. BAsK510

    Mista Cane ft. Mike Marshall "TRY"...

    Check out Mista Canes new song "Try", off his next solo album, In My Life... I am feeling this song to the fullest...I have been wanting to hear Cane and Mike colab on a track and this one came out proper... Also pick up that Contract Year mixtape, its FREE...and FIRE
  3. BAsK510

    Choze - The Epitome...?

    Whats the deal with this album? It was supposed to have dropped today but it wasnt at the local rasputin. Anyone know anything, where its available if its out or when its out? BAsK
  4. BAsK510

    Jay Tee - How The Game Go

    Just picked up a copy so Im still soakin it but damn so far its been back to back slaps. Im feeling this album to the fullest so far, dare i say it, its looking like my Favortie Jay Tee album. Anyone else pick it up? BAsK
  5. BAsK510

    Anybody pick up BRAINSTORM?

    I is CLASSIC...Every track is top notch...Just like the GI debut cd i can put in the cd press play and let it ride without skipping tracks Good work GI...straight quality and worth the wait... BAsK
  6. BAsK510

    Dutch, haystak, and lexx "take me as i am"..

    Heard that track on 106.1 at around 12:00am...anyone else hear it?...i lovin that track right now...big props to dutch and them for getting spins on the radio... BAsK
  7. BAsK510

    Genius Ideaz...

    Heard the full track...I am me wanting to hear more...cant wait for the album... let us get some more info of whats in the works... stay up BAsK