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    Rude Jude calls out Mayweather

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    Fox to revive iconic 'In Living Color' sketch comedy show By Nick Valencia, CNN

    (CNN) -- The landmark sketch comedy series "In Living Color" -- which became famous in the early 1990s thanks to characters like clumsy Fire Marshal Bill and the dour Homey D. Clown -- has been revived nearly two decades after it last aired, the Fox network announced Friday. An updated version...
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    My favorite song today

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    Palin says White House invite to rapper Common lacks ‘decency’

    In a Fox News appearance last night, Sarah Palin reiterated the complaints she had aired on Facebook and Twitter about the White House decision to host the rapper Common at a poetry event this week. The former Alaska governor said that Common's appearance was an affront to "class and decency."...
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    Fantasy Baseball scoring

    I am setting up a leauge and everyone is bitching and boo hooing about the scoring. What do you think is the best scoring for Fantasy Baseball? And what do you think is the best position set up is?
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    New Radiohead Album Comes Out Saturday!!!!!!

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    Trick Shot Quarterback

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    some funny ass shit...

    This is story took place in college. I played ball and we had a recruit in town and he was on his recruiting trip trying to get it in like any recruit would. He heard that I had some hoes and asked if I could hook him up. I asked him what kind of girl he wanted to bone- white girl, black girl...
  9. B check out my boys site! shit is hilarious! Its about all the stories behind the beezies he pulls, join if you got any cacktales to tell!
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    Oregons baskeball court

    As much as I hate Oregon, I actually like their new basketball floor Your thoughts?
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    2Pac - MTV Merry Christmas Interview

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    Eugene Debs speach

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    Don't be a faggot. Don't smoke.

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    What Happens when an Alligator Bites an Electric Eel?

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    My favorite song today