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    so since siccness is 99.99% men, what are some good books that would actually interest a man? something sports or action related?
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    rick ross

    what is that new rick ross song with some female on the hook called? or maybe im trippin and its not even new
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    auto parts

    anybody used a reliable website or warehouse that sells auto body parts? I need a power steering line and a couple other things.
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    Mexican Music Banda, Ranchera, Kumbias, Tex-Mex

    banda pelillos "las mujeres quiren bailar"
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    swisher prices

    wtf is with the price of a swisher going up? I got a dollar not a dollar and 7 9 11 or however many extra cents they think people are going to carry around.
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    foreclosed homes

    has anyone bought one?
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    private calls

    people that block their numbers are so god damn annoying. depending on my mood i usually answer blocked numbers cuz im ready to go bad on whoevers on the phone but when they dont say shit and hang up it drives me crazy. anyway im over it but i had to make a thread incase anyone else wanted to vent.
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    cam city

    my friend from lakeview recently put me on to cam city. i've only heard "aka baby new york" does he have any other mixtapes or albums or anything out?
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    So what does the siccness think about voguing?
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    nevermind, obama wants to arrest marijuana users after all

    Nevermind, Barack Obama Wants to Arrest Marijuana Users After All Article Posted in Chronicle Blog by Scott Morgan on Fri, 02/01/2008 - 10:19pm For one brief glorious moment, we thought Barack Obama supported marijuana decriminalization. He said so in 2004 and his campaign reiterated it...
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    seems like hella people started goin back to school this semester...where are the educated sicness members goin to school?
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    650 Rap

    sometimes I wonder if the 650 is ever going to get right in the rap scene, the bay area rap scene. sure we've got dem hoodstarz & sean-t, but everyone else goes unrecognized because they aren't making enough noise. when people look at bay area rap they pretty much only think about frisco &...
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    persuasive speech topics

    what's a good topic that isn't over used but is still important? i don't want to do something ive already had to hear multiple times in class...
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    the official "fuck the police" sign in sheet

    im surprised we don't have one of these already...
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    what albums/mixtapes/compilation's have u copped

    its july, we're more than halfway thru 08. what albums or mixtapes or comps have you guys copped that came out this year, that you felt were quality/slapped/whatever?