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    Any of you rappers willing to promote yourself/life on

    There's always goofies on dude's youtube channel asking him to get this and that on there but they fail to realize Alonso isn't doing these interviews full time and doesn't have the resources to get to people. So as he's numerously has stated, if you want someone to be on there, they need to go...
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    King Resse [from Stockton] videos

    judging by the tastes of people on here, 99% of you will hate this guy's music but eh, that 1% might want to look further into his stuff. he seems to do a lot of stuff with Lil Los of Lil Los & Young F group. BY THE WAY, Lil Los NOT from East CoCo but some black dude from Stockton. 2HU3-7zedrU...
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    new Nike Gang Music featuring Snap Dogg from Detroit

    there was actually or still is a crews from chicago that had names of shoe brands. nike boyz, adidas boyz and insane guess boys [well guess isn't shoes but whatever]
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    new Nike Gang Music featuring Snap Dogg from Detroit

    most street detroit rappers are ass, i mostly listen for the beats.
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    my generation had chuckie akenz but this new generation has......

    kGScxakv49Q off topic but i don't know how true it is, considering it's random shit on wikipedia but chuckie is now american cannon fodder aka canadian soldier.
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    new Nike Gang Music featuring Snap Dogg from Detroit

    Sticky - Show Me ft. Snap Dogg U4lCHZ_uubc
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    question for those into old school memphis rap [sample question]

    I heard this song hella years ago that sampled an old school house track that i embed here and I cannot remember who Memphis rapper/producer used it in what song. Can any of y'all recognize which song it is? The sample is right in beginning of the song I have posted here. i HT60UXZ3ryU
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    i say you're a fag, you don't seem like the type that forces his way on boys, you're too much of a gentleman.
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    anyone feeling Tee Grizzley?

    he actually flows properly on the beats unlike many new detroit street rappers. F4oGd60G--Q ycZDFEL3oyU 7alVED12_4k yD-s3c_EsxQ li-_E-UOE7Y
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    A Question For You Californians

    i know i asked this question probably a decade ago but how many of you have left the state and now call somewhere else home and for how long? i know i'm not a native since i wasn't born here but just spent time here as a kid in 80s before complications arose with my family and we ended up in...
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    Views on Transgenders...

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    A Question For You Maple Fags?

    How can you eat this ketchup chips crap, it's like vinegar powder on a plain chip and also kraft dinner, it's like plastic.
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    Jewish race/ Judaism

    u_TK5fpIDKY Qs0yO9GSi2k
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    anyone feeling Elvy The God?

    i'm a little late to the party since i don't listen to rap as much as i used to but i saw some videos and he seemed decent. most latin rappers out chicago are horrible but he seems to be on point but being he's part of a certain mob, he will have issues blowing up at least within chicago. that...