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    500 CDs for $200

    You asked for a jump on our next #408incFastFriday • So here it is...this goes Live this Friday Only...every Friday a new blow out sale. So, now you know...Friday 7/21 this is the deal..put your money aside! • #408inc ?
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    Let's go in on some flyers! #408inc

    Great deal...cross promotion
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    2017 New Year Sale - 408inc

    408INC | Music Media GIANTS! (click shop)
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    Cyber Monday - 408INC Sale

    Web: 408INC | Music Media GIANTS! - Click Shop
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    This week's 408INC Sale.

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    Prozak (Strange Music) | #TheBlackInkTour

    OcIxz2WoUMs Tickets On Sale: 408INC | Music Media GIANTS!
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    Prozak (Strange Music) - Live in the Bay Area #TheBlackInkTour

    OcIxz2WoUMs Tickets On Sale Now: 408INC | Music Media GIANTS!
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    500 CD'S FOR $225

    Order Online: 408INC - MUSIC MEDIA SHOP or call: 408-649-1922 to place your order over the phone.
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    408 - Music Media Giants

    408INC | Music Media GIANTS! | [email protected] | 408-649-1922
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    Winter Fresh Out West 2 - Now Booking: I.L.A.M.

    408INC Booking #winterfreshtour
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    Issue 8 - #ILAMHIPHOPPAGES feat. Slaine, Prozak, Madchild etc.

    Click here to read: 408INC | Music Media GIANTS! Print Copies in 1 week.
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    Brands - Great Sponsorship Ops (Tours 2015)

    If you are the owner of a BRAND looking for exposure and to sponsor a nice tour, contact me: [email protected] We've got the following tours coming up: Adlib (Madchild's Baxwar) - ‪#‎SoundofSensiTour‬ Wildcard (Quality Music) - ‪#‎TheWarTour‬ Dirtbag Dan...
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    First 10 & It's a wrap

    Yes you can split them into multiple different projects...act fast everytime we announce this they sell out. (No changes to deal. No Inserts. No Sleeves.) As Is...Duplication, Thermal Print On Disc, On Spindle.
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