Zoobe Brings Voters’ “Political Heroes” To Life With Animated Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Characters

Voters Will Have an Opportunity to Debate and Engage in Their Own Political Rhetoric Using Zoobe’s Animated Characters

LOS ANGELES, CA (June 21, 2016) – Leading character voice-messaging app Zoobe gives users a new twist on the traditional political cartoon with its popular Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Ani-Mojis that app fans can customize with their own voice to a personal message. Users have the option to share the 3D Animation via Whatsapp, or through any of their social media platforms, creating a new genre of digital interaction with politicians for voters and fans today. Zoobe captures accurate depictions of the nation’s Presidential candidates: “Hillary’s” calm yet extremely animated demeanor and independent, empowering woman tone is a stark contrast to “The Donald’s” proud Patriotism, losing his cool, sneaky disposition and last but not least, his fla?ppy hair.

? According to US News, for much of the 19th century, political cartoons wielded tremendous influence during? presidential races. Cartoons really took off in the U.S. in 1828 when Andrew Jackson made his successful bid for ?P?resident and became a popular target. Cartoonists often portrayed the fiery populist as a ruthless strongman. Political cartoons also accompanied the campaign slurs.


In today’s world of social interaction, Zoobe has creatively advanced the “political cartoon” platform with both technology and customization via “The Donald” and “Hillary” characters, allowing users to join in and create their own debate and receive immediate feedback on social channels. Zoobe’s 3D animated characters perform their user’s voice messages in easy-to-share video clips.

“We are really looking forward to seeing the millions of videos being shared on social media from either side of the aisle’” says Norbert Richard Meinike, Zoobe’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Users will have a unique opportunity to portray their favorite candidate’s likeness via social media, adding an unprecedented experience to digital communication.”

Zoobe continues to stay ahead of the technology curve, further bridging communication between the political arena and entertainment industry with millions of fans through its voice-driven messaging app. The app recently teamed up with social media maven Amber Rose to release her media acclaimed “MUVA” and “GODDESS” characters and boasts over 220 million Zoobe video messages created by app users worldwide since the company’s launch.

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