Zar The Dip & Eddi Projex Are The Undadogs


The Group Album from Zar the Dip and Eddi Projex will be available in select stores as well as through all online distributors September 17. When asked about the approach the project, Zar had this to say “from a standpoint of being fans of each others rap styles and both having been in groups, me being a Member Of The Scrayper Boyz and the RBG’s and Eddi being a member of The Hittaz On The Payroll, we said lets  integrate the styles and come from a place where we both know what we can bring to the table and give Bay Area rap music fans a great album”.

Not only did They approach Fellow Undadog artists for features Like Purp ReynoldsShady NateMelvin Baker, Sunni Ali and others but they also enlisted a bunch of Undadog Producers Ced Wynez , Hennesy, KD Monstar Kye Russaw and others for the project as well. So if your the type that has always rooted for the Undadog this is the album for you!


Eddi Projex & Zar The Dip – “Dead Me A Cop” Ft. Rickey Reup & Rado

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