Yungmorpheus Drops His Latest Project “From Whence It Came”

Yungmorpheus Drops His Latest Project “From Whence It Came”. The project contains a total of 19 tracks. It features guest appearances by Jimetta Rose, Fly Anakin,  Quevin, MED, Lojii and more. Peep the tracklist below for further details on the project. As well as the Spotify link provided for streaming purposes.


01. Where It Goes (Feat. Jimetta Rose) (Prod. By Dirty Art Club)
02. Self Sponsored (Prod. By Ohbliv)
03. Escovitch Fish (Feat. Quevin) (Prod. By Shungu)
04. Near The Cell Towers (Prod. By Kutmah)
05. Cassava Bread (Feat. Fly Anakin) (Prod. By Graymatter)
06. Hold Tighter / Don’t Mention It (Prod. By Yungmorpheus & DMH)
07. What You Won’t Do (Feat. MED) (Prod. By Shungu)
08. For The Evening (Feat. Judah & Ahwlee) (Prod. By Al Dali)
09. So It Goes (Prod. By Ohbliv)
10. Heavy Bags (Prod. By Yungmorpheus)
11. Playin’ The Same Game (Prod. By Raphy)
12. Top Dog / Under Dog (Prod. By Fitz Ambro$e)
13. Creme Brûlée (Prod. By Yungmorpheus)
14. Layman’s Terms (Prod. By Junie)
15. Fiya Haffi Bun (Feat. Lojii) (Prod. By August Fanon)
16. In The Water (Prod. By KanKick)
17. Shattered Glass (Feat. Mary Lattimore) (Prod. By Yungmorpheus)
18. Free Form Cash (Shoutro) (Prod. By DMH)
19. Faded Memories (Prod. By DMH)

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