Yung Scott – “S.I.R” – (@youngscottmusic)

“S.I.R” Was an idea Yung Scott came up with after his girlfriend experienced a type of bullying. It had a huge impact on her and them as a whole

Scott has also been bullied a lot of his life so he made a song to sort of tell a little bit how it happened and about the “Shit I Recommend”. In the hook, Yung is saying to keep all the bad thoughts away because they are just haunting you. He recommends to put them in a box and lock them away, also saying to think “Outside the Box”. If you trap the bad thoughts away in a metaphorical “box”, then you aren’t thinking inside the box but rather outside of it. The nineteen year old was born in Ogden, Utah. Listen to “S.I.R” here.

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