YouTube Launches “YouTube for Artists”

During this year’s digital portion of SXSW, YouTube announced the launch of YouTube For Artists. This new suite of services lets independent artists track analytics using geographic data. Artists can also access more in-depth view/play metrics associated with their channels and other channels where their music is being used.

Enhancements are already underway, as noted by Billboard Magazine:

“Perhaps the most applicable tool will arrive after launch. In the coming weeks or months, YouTube will debut an analytical tool that will provide viewer information on a city level, with data going back to fall of 2013. This should help artists plan tours or which time zone to release an upcoming video.” (We’ll be sure to keep you updated on future YouTube announcements.

Much of the viewer information that you will be able to get from YouTube for Artists will be made available via YouTube’s Content ID system, which is only accessible to independent artists via YouTube Partners.

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