Oakland Emcee Young Gully Returns With His New Album Bermuda, Part 2: Devil

Bermuda, Part 2: Devil, as Gully tells it, “represents aggression, fear, and hatred”. To Gully, humans have a little bit of God in them, but carry a little bit of the Devil in them too. On his latest album he explores the darker side of human nature. He comes to terms with his fears, vices and personal struggles such as poverty and chasing a rap dream.

In April 2013, Gully released HM5, the album that catapulted him into the position of one of the Bay Area’s most valued street poets. He shared raw life stories with a lyrical depth not often seen or celebrated in the region. While he’s released short projects such as Flight 19, and Final Destinationhe’s left fans hungry for a full length follow up to HM5. This hiatus was spent putting together the complex Bermuda series.

Each disc holds 11 tracks, totaling to 33, representing both the 33 degrees of masonry and the alleged age Jesus died. “Humans have both good and evil inside of them,” says Gully, “which means we’re all connected to God and the Devil in one way or another, for better or worse.”

Artist: Young Gully
Album: Bermuda, Part 2: Devil
Listen via Thizzler.com: http://www.thizzler.com/bermuda


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