Young Buck Releases New Single “Life Change”

Young Buck drops off a brand new single title “Life Change” exclusively via SPNDAT app. SPNDAT is a media platform that will bring value back to the entertainment industry by offering EXCLUSIVE content at a price that allows creators to earn money and create quality content.

SPNDAT is designed to revolutionize how content providers monetize their content. SPNDAT provides:
* Pay-To-Play: Buy and sell music, videos, and virtual merchandise. Plus, access a variety of free content available to all users.
* Credit System: Purchase credits via Apple’s In-App Purchase, starting at $5 for 70 credits, with options to buy larger amounts at proportional rates.
* Artist Earnings: Artists earn $0.05 per SPN, $10 per single purchase, $20 per album purchase, and $10 per music video purchase.
* CASHDAT: Cash out earnings easily via PayPal Payouts, which can be claimed through PayPal or Venmo using any email address. Access this feature through your Earnings page in MYDAT.

Stream Young Buck’s new single “Life Change” via SPNDAT app today!

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