Yhung T.O. Breaks His Silence On The Full Story Of SOB X RBE & His Solo Career [FULL EPISODE]

History of the Bay Podcast Ep. 61: Yhung T.O. is a founding member of the multi-platinum rap group SOB X RBE. Growing up in Vallejo, he started making beats at age 6 years old and developed a unique, melodic style of rapping. After meeting DaBoii, Slimmy B, and Lul G, the three started making songs together that would quickly become viral hits. Their group skyrocketed to national stardom, performing at huge festivals and tours. But just as they were achieving success, drama in the streets spilled into their group. For the first time, Yhung T.O. tells the complete story of what happened with his group and opens up about the struggles he’s overcome.


0:00 Intro 1:38 Growing up in Vallejo 7:56 Rap influences 10:52 Making beats at 6 14:21 Melodic rap style 23:37 Linking with DaBoii 31:40 Meeting Slimmy B 36:48 Lul G 44:45 Street influences 46:55 Lil Kilo 52:20 Stretch & Hanny 1:00:20 Signing to Empire & debut album 1:07:43 Building with LA rappers 1:10:03 Differences with the group 1:15:45 SOB X RBE splits up 1:32:01 Moving forward

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