Yandy Smith spills all on the New Season Of Love And Hip Hop

VH1 will premiere the fourth season of Love & Hip-Hop New York on Monday and the super trailer below reveals that some of the previous and new cast members have dialed up on the drama.

The four-minute clip displays some of the new season’s positives — Richa Dollaz announces that he and Yandy Smith started their own record label, Smith gets a call that her fiance Mandeecees has a chance of getting out of jail and Joe Budden and Tahiry give their relationship another go.

The second half, however, reveals that not everything ends well for some of the cast members.

Here are the highlights seen in the super trailer for the upcoming season surrounding the following couples:

YANDY SMITH & MANDEECEES: Smith is seen telling Gunz’ girlfriend, Tara Wallace, that her fiance has a mandatory minimum of 20 years in jail after his older son asks her when he is returning home from jail.

RICH DOLLAZ & ERICA MENA: When Dollaz reconciles with former girlfriend and client Erica Mena, she tells him she is in a new relationship, but with a woman. The clip shows the new couple taking a bubble bath together. Her new girlfriend Cyn Santana tells Mena that she “never would have imagined [them] being together.”

Mena, however will never let anything get in the way of making money–she makes out with Dollaz and asks him about doing business together again.

Season 4 newcomer K Michelle later asks Dollaz if he will let a “b—h thats ounds like a goat” put his career in jeopardy.

JOE BUDDEN & TAHIRY: Joe Budden tells Tahiry he wants to be with her again but admits that getting back together will be a “rollercoaster.” He proves that when she confronts him about another woman’s hair she found.

“Whose hair is this?” she asks.

To that he replies, “A friend of mine was over here the other night.”

“There was a friend of yours in my bed the other night?” Tahiry fumes.

She is seen crying as a friend tells her that it’s those closest to you that hurt you the most. Tahiry then says that she is tired of Budden’s cheating.

PETER GUNZ & TARA WALLACE: Gunz returns as a full-time cast member with his longtime girlfriend Tara Wallace. Ater he closes a deal to work with newcomer Amina Buddafly, the clip shows him making out with her.

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