Incarcerated Sacramento Rapper X-Raided Speaks on Brotha Lynch Hung & Black Markets Ced FB Feud
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Cedric Singleton and Brotha Lynch Hung had a war of words on FB on September 23rd. My name was mentioned so Rich sent the posts to me for feedback.

For context, I met Ced when I was 16 years old. He gave me an opportunity to be heard by the masses. When I got locked up, he visisted me and answered every call I made. When I told him to send money somewhere for me, it always got done. I’m talking ’92 – ’00 without fail. That’s why I felt such a strong sense of loyalty to him. He was like a big brother to me.

Wendy Day started writing me in 1998. She taught me all about mechanical, publishing, sales and merchandise royalties and showed me that Ced wasn’t paying me properly. He gave me money when I asked for it instead of having a system in place to pay me whether I asked for money or not.

In Hip Hop, it’s common for the CEO of a hood company to have a learning curve. The problem with Ced is that, even after he should have known better, he still wasn’t paying anyone properly.

My contract was up after I turned in Vengeance Is Mine in November of 2000. I spoke to Ced about staying with BMR if he’d give me a new deal and actually live up to it. I wanted to sign back to BMR out of a sense of loyalty and sign Madman Records to a 50/50 deal with BMR too. T-Nutty was ready to go. Ced kept saying, “I don’t have the money, X. I can’t do it.” I hung up the phone and have literally never spoken to Cedric Singleton again. That was 13 years ago.

I took Initiation to Bayside and B12 paid me like a grown man. I made more money in 2001 with B12 than I did over the previous eight years with BMR.

I signed a deal with City Hall Records in late 2002 and released X-Filez Volumes 1 – 3 and Unforgiven Volume 1: In the Beginning from ’03 – ’09.

In the Summer of 2010, I got a letter from Walter Zelnick at CHR telling me that Ced had sent a cease and desist letter to him for selling my BMR catalog for me. I wrote Walter back and said “Fuck what Ced’s talking about.” Walter had my back.

About two weeks later, I got a letter from Ced telling me not to release anymore BMR owned product. I wrote him back and said, “I own my songs. You own the packaging. I didn’t use your packaging. If you aren’t going to pay me, I have to pay myself.” I got a response back saying it was all good as long as I didn’t release anymore BMR product. For the record, I still don’t give a fuck what he’s talking about.

So when Ced wrote, “My relationship [with] X-Raided strong now, strong then,” he was not being honest. When he wrote, “Our business is straight,” he was not being honest.

As far as my relationship with Lynch goes, I used to send him letters and he would always write me back. I called and he took my calls. He answered my texts. Back in 2003 Lynch had his own problems but he still wrote letters by hand encouraging me to keep doing my thing. He kept trying to show me love.

I used to be too intense and demanding. I was a dangerous person. I didn’t have control of my emotions or my tongue. All of my friends needed to know that it was safe to get close to me. I can respect that now. I needed to mature.

Lynch is doing good over at Strange now. When I called and asked him to jump on my song, he said he would and he did it. He reaches our to me. Just the other night when I called home I had a message from Lynch.

The best way to look at it is, when Lynch got comfortable over at Strange and hot his life together, he didn’t turn his back on me. He actually started reaching out to me more and more the stronger he got. That’s how you know it’s based on love.

So, as far as what Ced wrote on Facebook about my relationship with Lynch, he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. Lynch has my full support. That’s on the dead homies.

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aka Anerae Brown


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