X Raided ft Lil Uce – “Never Gave Up (Blessed)” [Music Video]

Sacramento rapper X-Raided was released from prison just seven months ago. Since then, he has exhibited a work ethic most artists would struggle to match. Here we find him in the studio with Bloc Star Entertainment recording artist Lil Uce making “Never Gave UP (Blessed),” which is the final song for X-Raided’s upcoming California Dreamin’ LP. Produced by Spencer Nezey and recorded by Chris Paxton (seen in studio engineering the session), “Never Gave Up (Blessed)” is a triumphant last song on an incredibly diverse album that has X-Raided going from furious with relentless gangster raps to introspective, hopeful and ultimately grateful to be free. The California Dreamin’ LP will be released this year on Bloc Star Entertainment/RBC Records/BMG. It’s getting hard to imagine that X-Raided’s California Dreamin’ LP will not be a classic album that will impact the culture and shed new light on the Sacramento emcee’s incredible journey, elite delivery and amazing penmanship.

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