Word On The Street : SXSW Edition with Cozz, Tate Kobang, K Camp, Joey Purp & Kipp Stone

From the traffic to the heat to the constant turn up, returning from SXSW alive is no certainty. We enlisted rappers Cozz, K Camp, Tate Kobang, Joey Purp of Savemoney, Kipp Stone, & Paper Paulk to let the people know how they can best prepare for, survive, and conquer the gauntlet known as SXSW.

While Kipp Stone suggests you bring “a sweat rag, water, B12 vitamins,” Tate Kobang advises newcomers to bring “suntan, condoms, & Swishers.” Other suggestions include your A-game, and weed — Cali weed. (“Texas weed is booboo,” Cozz explains.)

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