We’On Music Groups Latest Addition.


Showty Roc, a South Central Los Angeles native, is determined to succeed in his music career. It is said that the most heartfelt lyrics are the ones with a story to tell; Showty Roc truly defines this by rapping about his rough child hood and being raised by one parent, his Father. This has made him the hard working individual he is today and will continue to pursue his career in the music industry.

Although Showty Roc is a part of a group named Altered Ego alongside his long time friend, Aktion 5150 Jackson, he is now proudly a part of We’On Music Group as a solo artist. His solo music will be featured on the We’On Music Compilation (coming soon). To listen to his current freestyle to the Glasses Malone track, Dope, produced by THA Bizness, see below. Stay tuned for more of Showty Roc and We’On Music Group.


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