Welcome to The City: Bay Area Stories Part 5

Inspired by Golden State Warriors point guard, Stephen Curry, this six-part video series goes into the heart of the greater Bay Area to highlight entrepreneurs and artists, whose own ambition and drive have transformed The City with their will.

In episode 5 of the #ChargedbyBelief series, we introduce Isiah Flores, founder of the Bay Area Trick dancing collective, aptly named, Loopkicks. Tricking is a self expressive, enriching extreme sport/art that only requires your body. Fusing Martial Arts, Dance Elements,and Acrobatics, Tricking is a culmination of the most creative human body movement. Like 2014-15 Kia NBA MVP, the Loopkicks trickers are constantly challenging what is humanly possible. For the Loopkicks, it all takes place in a creative playground – to explore time and space, they simply jump off the ground to express emotion and movement creatively.

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