Waka Flocka Had No Issue With Wiz Khalifa

Speaking to Shade 45’s Superstar Jay, Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame dismissed any notion that he has any lingering issue with fellow star Wiz Khalifa. Despite the fact that he stated last year that Khalifa was mostly a creature of hype, Waka says that the whole situation was overblown.

“You know what it is? It’s 2013. I’m like f**k it, you know what I mean? All fake beef and real beef, I’ma spread ’em apart. That’s fake beef,” he said. “I got real sh*t going on right now. Real sh*t I gotta focus on right now. No shit you put in metaphors, no sh*t you put in bars, n***a. None of that. I’ma cut every throat right now. I don’t want no n***a to block no door, but the one he standing in.

“I looked this n***a like, this n***a ain’t do nothing remotely dangerously to me,” he continued. “When it could have been something, it was nothing. It was dead. That’s why I never pressed it later on in the year.”

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