Viral loop sensation OP aka Olofepence Releases “Flex”

Viral loop sensation OP (formerly known as Olofepence ) is releasing his new hip-hop/rap single entitled, ‘Flex ’ on 8 October independently. OP has achieved accolades that have already put him in the spotlight through different mediums. OP started his entertainment career from the age of 16, creating short comedy flicks on YouTube gaining popularity with his show The Adventures of Olofe with over 200,000 views and his Vine receiving over five million loops to date. It was not long until several of OP’s comedy sketches went viral on Link Up TV, GRM Daily , and SBTV . He was also featured as the main actor in ‘ Bashy ’ – ‘ These Are The Songs’ music video with over 1.5 millions views and more recently being featured in the music video by J Hus hit ‘ Lean and Bop ’ which has amassed over ten million views on YouTube. This growing popularity led Uber to approach him with a lucrative partnership involving his Instagram and Snapchat accounts.

Inspired by the likes of Rick James , 50 Cent , Bobby Brown , and Michael Jackson , OP found his passion for singing at the age of 19, releasing his first single ‘Half Naija Half Congo’ , which was featured on Destination Afrobeats .

Want to know more about ‘Flex’ ? Hear it straight from OP himself:

“Flex? ?is? ?about? ?me? ?showing? ?youth? ?especially? ?that? ?you? ?can? ?literally? ?do? ?anything? ?you? ?want—not? ?in? ?a? ?way? ?that everything’s? ?perceived? ?and? ?that.? ?I? ?am? ?showing? ?them? ?at? ?its? ?rawest? ?form.? ?The? ?way? ?like? ?trappers? ?(drug? ?dealers that? ?rap)? ?usually? ?have? ?jewellery? ?and? ?stuff? ?and? ?anything? ?other? ?than? ?that? ?you? ?are? ?perceived? ?as? ?‘not? ?really? ?cool’ or? ?a? ?‘nerd’.? ?I? ?am? ?showing? ?that? ?you? ?don’t? ?necessarily? ?have? ?to? ?be? ?selling? ?drugs? ?to? ?do? ?the? ?same? ?things? ?that? ?these drugs? ?dealers? ?perceive? ?as? ?‘riches’,? ?but? ?doing? ?it? ?through? ?your? ?own? ?way.? ?Nowadays? ?people? ?are? ?accustomed into? ?thinking? ?schools? ?and? ?education? ?is? ?the? ?only? ?way? ?out—so? ?when? ?that’s? ?the? ?case,? ?they? ?never? ?really? ?truly experience? ?what? ?it? ?is? ?they? ?really? ?want? ?to? ?do? ?or? ?really? ?want? ?to? ?become.”

With a growing social media following, OP’s new single, ‘ Flex’ will be available to buy on iTunes, Spotify and more. 


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