Vinnie Dewayne (@VDewayne) – Sleep Paralysis (Official Video)

Now permanently located in Chicago, his second home since 2009, Vinnie Dewayne offers the first music video from his Duality EP in the cinematic music video “Sleep Paralysis.” Displaying his unique storytelling ability, Vinnie fights his nightmares versus reality, battling to see what is real life as opposed to the thoughts in his head. Directed by V1 Creative, Vinnie’s lyrics play out like Inception, as one dream leads to another making difficult to decipher where his dream ends and begins, or if it even started at all. Maturing project after project “Sleep Paralysis” is the latest incarnation of Dewayne’s developed song-writing ability and ever important stance on social issues plaguing the youth of today.
Watch Sleep Paralysis and be on the look-out for the new project Duality from Vinnie Dewayne this December.

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