Northwest Rapper Vinnie Dewayne Drops His Long Awaited Project “The St Johns Scholar”

After a year of hard work and dedication, Portland artist Vinnie DeWayne, drops his highly anticipated mixtape St. John’s Scholar. Upon earning the title while completing his Bachelors of Arts degree at Columbia College in Chicago, Vinnie DeWayne hit the ground running in the studio this fall to bring fans the long awaited project. Named the second-most highly anticipated Portland album by Willamette Week Magazine, St. John’s Scholar is sure to impress fans with a deep and personal reflection on life in St. John’s area of Portland. Although few may be familiar with the neighborhood outside of Portland, DeWayne paints a lyrical picture of what life is like in St. John’s while relating it to a greater universal struggle through a deep, personal narrative. The essence of St. John’s is captured through the coming together of soulful beats, vivid storytelling, and the insight of the young scholar. Once again, Vinnie DeWayne establishes himself as the leading figure in Portland Hip-Hop.

With spins on Eminem’s SHADE 45, over 100,00 Youtube views before #TSJ dropped, recognition from Rap Radar, Vibe Magazine, and more – Vinnie Dewayne is quickly becoming a young legend in the NW and beyond. Vivid lyrical ability matched with a familiar yet unique tone, it only takes one listen to understand what all the talk is about. From relationship songs “No Where,” to the town anthem “Easy,” all the way to the gut-wrench family tale “Envy,” Dewayne paints the picture as clear as possible. Be sure to download/stream The St. John Solar and add Vinnie Dewayne to your list of artists to watch in 2016 and beyond.


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